How do I know my gutters are really cleaned, I cannot climb up there and check?

If requested, before gutter cleaning and after gutter cleaning pictures can be taken and supplied to you.

Can you clean property which have 3 floors?

Yes, over 3 floors, depending on the height and access we might need to source additional access equipment.

My Gardner says he can clean my gutters for lesser price than you, why should I employ you?

We have public liability insurance to work on up to 15 metres heights. Technicians also do the works fast and efficiently but the job can be dragged on and require more of your attention if it is carried out by a non-professional.

How long will it take to clean my gutters?

This depends on how full your gutters are and the size of your gutters. Technician will be able to tell you once your property is assessed.

The price you are given at the time of the booking will not change if it takes longer than expected to clean your gutters.

How about Insurance?

Yes. All technicians have their own public liability to work on heights.

To view this insurance certificates click here.

 Should I have my gutters cleared, when my gutters are joined with my neighbours, if my neighbours are not having them cleared?

You should, to avoid overflowing of your part of the gutters onto your property due to blockage. Also your down pipes will be cleaned out if needed which might directly affect your Building.

Do I need to be in when you come to do the work on my property?

Ideally yes, but the technician can do the job and leave the invoice in your letter box if access to all places we need to work is available.

How can I pay for this services?

Cash or a bank transfer.