Gutter and Roof Repairs

Repairs such as leaking gutter joints, misaligned gutters and brackets will be reported to you and if requested by you, can be carried out as soon as the cleaning of your gutters or roof is completed. This may be an economical solution which will save further expense.

If the repairs require parts or longer time, then a quote is provided and another appointment will be booked to carry out the work.

Gutter and roof repairs. No Call out Fees!

In most cases, your gutters or roof is repaired within 30 minutes! There will be a year guarantee with all repairs! Usually one or two minor repairs are completed within 30 minutes. There won’t be anything to pay if after examining the repairs it is established that the repair can not be completed within 30 minutes.

Gutter Repairs from £65

If your gutters or roof do not need cleaning but need repairs, the technician diagnose and complete the repairs within 30 minutes in most cases. £65 is charged for repairs of up to 30 minutes on a 2 storey building.This includes the labour, parts, if your guttering is black plastic 1/2 round, and a year’s guarantee.

Procedure for booking your Roof or Gutter Repair:

1. Call or email us with your details and we will book the repair in.
2. A minor roof repair is carried out within an hour repair work, usually.
3. A couple of minor gutter repairs are carried out within 30 minutes, usually.
4. If the repair will take longer than that but can be done within an hour, then it is quoted and carried out there and then, if you agree to our quotation.
5. If the repairs take longer than an hour and we are not able to do it on the day then we will quote and re-book for another day.
5. If the repair can not be completed on the day and you do not agree to our quotation for the extensive repair work then there will not be anything to pay. There is no call out fee.
6. All repairs are covered with a full year’s guarantee. Should there be any fault with the repair work, the technician will return and rectify FREE OF CHARGE to you for up to a year.

Call now on 0800 0789 151 or 07886 712 710 or fill in the Quick quote form for an efficient service on your property.