Roof Cleaning

Are your clay or concrete roof tiles suffering from moss growth, lichen and a general dirt build up?

It is possible to remove this with a high-powered water pressure or manually by using a scraper and a brush. After completing the work a moss inhibiting solution can be sprayed onto the tiles to stop the moss from quickly growing back.

Roof Moss Removal

Moss is removed manually with a scraper and a brush, this won’t remove the lichen on the roof but the moss inhibiting solution applied afterwards will deal with lichen.

Manual moss removal process:

  • • Erecting necessary access equipment
  • • Covering close by flower beds, patio etc.
  • • Removing the moss with a scraper and brushes
  • • Checking the roof for any damage and carrying out minor repairs or reporting if   there are any larger repairs
  • • Cleaning the site

Roof Cleaning by Pressure Washing

The roof tiles can be thoroughly cleaned with a powered pressure washer. This will take off a very thin layer of the tiles so they will look like brand new tiles afterwards. Neighbours should be informed as spray and moss is likely being blown onto their property.

Optional: If required, the roof can be treated with moss inhibitor solution

With £5 million public liability insurance cover, a skilled and equipped team will carry out all work to a high standard.

A High Quality Roof Cleaning carried out in the past

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